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Application Instructions

1. Pick a surface : Vinyl stickers can be apply on any walls, windows, doors, laptops, lamps and furniture (even poles and corners!). Just make sure the surface is smooth, not too porous, dry and free of dust and dirt. 

2. Plan : Plan your design with a pencilk to decide how you want the stickers to be placed

3. Peel : Carefully peel off the sticker from the backing paper . Keep the paper for future use , it will help to move or store your stickers. 

4. Stick: Stick it to the chosen surface and smooth it with your hand. You can also use a card to rub the sticker (super carefully) to ensure no loose edges. In the case of wrinkles or curls on your sticker, do not panic, you can easily pull it free if it sticks to itself. Flatten any air bubble by rubbing the sticker with the card , dragging it to the sides. 

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